The Director of Studies Yasmin Ali is a former Headmistress of an Independent school for 4-16 year olds. She is highly experienced and has a wealth of experience in tutoring students for the Grammar School Entrance Exams, Common Entrance, SAT’S and GCSE’s. The examination performance of pupils has been exceptionally high both within her former school and in her years of tutoring. During her years as a Headmistress she personally prepared pupils for the Grammar School Entrance Examinations. Over a five year period 96% of pupils gained entry into the respective Grammar Schools including a few Scholarships each year. Indeed the dedication of her teaching and the school's staff also proved fruitful with the GCSE pupils. The average five year pass rate for pupils scoring A* - B in five or more GCSE subjects was 92%. Yasmin is also a qualified Broadcast Journalist with experience of working at BBC Oxford and ITV London Newsdesk. Such skills acquired in Journalism are implemented in class during creative writing including discursive writing, group discussions, debates etc. Her expectations of students who come to us are high and thus the delivery of teaching and learning are of a high standard. Indeed all our Tutors have teaching experience to equip them to deal with varying levels of ability. Our Tutors approach is to ensure that the student has the understanding of subject knowledge. This means assessing what the students capabilities are, addressing their knowledge gaps. It is frequent that a student may have missed a lesson, misunderstood, or indeed not understood and has led to the student not grasping a particular topic or the work that stems from it. We aim to find these gaps in understanding building a students confidence and examination results. All tutors are CRB checked.