about us

Extra Tuition Group has been established for over 15 years and has a proven track record in supplying high quality tuition for students aged 4-16 years. Extra Tuition Group prides itself in its success.

It is our aim to encourage and nurture the self confidence and to open a students mind like parachutes absorbing, applying and enjoying knowledge gained. We believe that knowledge gained can be fed back to school, increasing self confidence and achieving successful exam results. We also believe that learning should also be inspiring and enjoyable. We also take pride in developing students communication skills by engaging in debate and dialogue in a reasoned way that will enable them to interact at college, university and beyond.

All the groups tutors have a wide range of experience. We offer both one to one tuition and group tuition dependent on your child's ability, parent or tutors preference. Either way our experienced tutors will help your child to develop their knowledge, whilst improving their self esteem and confidence. All our tutors set regular homework and assessments and will provide feedback on an ongoing basis.

Extra Tuition Group hires the Community Room at Kings Heath Library, within a few minutes from Highbury Park. The room is bright and spacious making learning enjoyable. We have a large volume of resources that we have acquired throughout the years. In addition we use books and computers within the resourceful library. Aspiring successful students are rewarded with prizes.

We understand the need to for quality tuition in a highly competitive educational arena. If you would like to provide the best educational opportunities for your child and see them achieve their highest potential, please do not hesitate to contact us.